MONO is a brand new furniture project that approaches the use and sharing of space by both humans and pets.

Based in Santiago, Chile, this project assets the reality that 64% of Chilean homes own at least one pet (according to the latest study by GFK), and giving that pet owners are getting more conscious and dedicated about animal care day by day.

Inspired by animals and their humans, MONO is born to promote interaction between both of them among the spaces they share. ¿How? By designing furniture that not only satisfies the pet’s needs, but also adds utility and design for people.

This first family series is the result of two years of investigation by an interdisciplinary team, resulting in products that reach a wide spectrum of pets from small size to extra large size, always focused on the shared space and the fact that we are all animals.

All of MONO products are designed and built locally, with simple but sober materials such as plywood board, powder coated steel and tempered glass. Every design attends a specific need, providing the shapes of feed, rest and exercise, which can be used together as well as separately, according to every user needs.