The doctor that won the auction for Bo Biddley commissioned this piece. He requested a unit that could house his AV components and also act as a bookshelf. He is a collector of modern art. One of his paintings in mounted on hinges and covers his television when he is not watching it. I wanted to conceal his components as well. During the installation, in order to conceal the electrical wires, we had to disassemble the entire piece and run eight wires through a complex combination of plumbing fittings using a rather complicated procedure. The wiring took three of us a full day to complete. The client asked that I deliver both pieces before Rosh Hashanah. With this in mind, I decided to use Jewish symbolism in the piece. The stars are the shape of the Star of David, but each point is divided in half like a nautical star. After making them, I did a little research (Google) on Judaism and discovered that the important symbol in the Star of David is not the six-pointed star, but the hexagon that is created by the intersection of the two triangles. This realization led me to use hexagon bushings to secure the glass top on Bo Biddley. Incidentally, I told him that the only way I wouldn’t deliver his pieces on time would be if something terrible happened. The week before the holiday, my grandfather passed away. In grief, and busy with his wake and funeral, I was still able to keep my promise. I did this because my grandfather taught me to keep my word.