Micron MOX polished chrome
Micron MOX desk ambient
Micron MOX office ambient
Micron MOX white color
Micron MOX black color
the 4 colors of MOX collection: polished chrome, matt nickel, white, black
MOX power led detail
MOX matt nichel:  detail with light on
MOX matt nichel: detail with touch dimmer when the light is off
MOX by Micron

Micron Lighting presents MOX table lamp, direct and diffused LED lighting elegant and classy, designed by the Italian architect Roberto Paoli. The designer iconic inspiration of MOX was drawn from the two rods that traditionally fix the chignon of a geisha, whose symbolic purpose is precisely the research of a stability. An elegance attitude is evoked.

The elegant thin arms of the lamp, resemble a flamingo in search of its dynamic equilibrium. Bridging light naturalness with technology, the iconic elements of the lamp, the illuminating head, that contains six power led energy saving lights, alludes to a elongated three lobed leaf. The light has a touch dimmer: you can just touch the button to turn on the six power LED light with only 6 watts, and with a slight pressure you can adjust the light intensity.

The stem of the lamp pivots at the base and can be regulated according to the need for lighting. MOX, suitable both for a desk and for a bedside table, is available in four colors: polished chrome, matt nickel, white or black.