Cake Stand "Ameba"
Cake Stand "Dentata"
Cake Stand "Diecifette"
Baptista trays series
Baptista Large
Cake Stand "Merletto"
Cake Stand "Soffio"
Cake Stand "Trebignè"
Another Baptista tray

Dear, I’m Antonella Di Luca, an Italian young designer located in Bologna.
I’m 29 years old, and from 20 industrial design is my work and primary occupation.
My last employment was Design Department Manager for six years at Iosa Ghini Studio in Bologna (http://www.iosaghini.it).
Currently, I started a new professional career with the creation of a new brand MR.LESS & MRS.MORE, and a new design collection of cake stands and home complements.
I am very satisfied for our excellent start, with our new collection we have won a major competition (http://www.artex.firenze.it/page_ad.asp?page_id=341&subpage_id=331&a_id=85) that will allow us to participate at the Milan MACEF exhibition, an international event of furniture and home accessories, to be held at the end of January (wow!!).
I would be very happy if our creations they could be reviewed on your blog. They are visible in our studio website http://www.misterless-missismore.com/project and available for sell in our online store http://www.misterless-missismore.com/store.
Full description of our objects can be found on our store website, I’m not reporting it to avoid an unreadable message.

Thank you for reading my email, looking forward to hearing back from you, I hope you could find a little space for us!

Thank you, Antonella Di Luca.