Round & Square family
Round  family
Square family
Round chiffonier
Round chest of drawes
Round bebside table
Square chest of drawes
Square bebside table
Square sideboars
Square sideboars family

My gift collection is a new furniture conception, designed by Mano de Santo for Garcia Ferrer.
These pieces are the result of a volumetric abstraction exercise, seeking new forms, breaking the box to leave pass to imagination.
Garcia Ferrer joins all virtuosity of ebanist artisans, as it comes doing since 1942, within design in this new collection of unique pieces. For this, all pieces are marked with the collection signature, accompanied by an authenticity certificate, sealed after the final quality control.

Family Round
Family of pieces which draw the same figure variating their measures. As general elements it presents: an envelope as a tray with a closed compartiment by a superior cover along with the furniture’s silhouette, some lateral grooves between the structure and the front of drawers define us the frontal plane, faciliting their opening, and as shot, the legs in a run which complete the volume accentuating their figure.

Family Square
Imagination, abstraction, and volume, are the basic points in which the collection design is based on. This famliy is the faithful reflection of it, evocating forms, simplicity in its conception and a glimps into the world of dreams, make out of these pieces elements which awaken our sensibility. As general elements it presents: a very pure geometric body, some fronts which draw us lines from aforetime adapting to the body in general, and two hemispherical legs that complete the rotundity of the piece.