The objectives that have started our planning process have been looking for a high degree of customization of the product by user, a high level of simplicity and it’s designed to offer a line of accessories for the living area.

The bookcase Myhome simplify parts that make it up to get a mountable dry thus creating a modular scheme that could be tailored to the needs of users. The three compartments containers that distinguish the library have different sizes, thanks to the simplicity of assembly and to the possibility to change its position, obtaining different combinations. Moreover, the different lengths of the modules (90 cm – 105 cm – 120 cm) provide the ability to support multiple bookcases creating compositions of large dimensions that fit into any space.

Myhome consists of a frame in natural solid oak curved. In particular the legs, solid wood curved, are connected together via a structure to “X” which has a rectangular cross section bevelled to allow the support of the compartments containers. These are also made of wood and have a lacquered finish in white and ivory bright brilliant. The differentiation of shades (including a wider range of colors) allows you to create an interesting play of colors and textures, especially if you choose a combination of multiple libraries side by side.

The pattern of assembly is very simple: the compartments containers have holes in which is inserted the bearing structure, for which the library is composed by a simple superposition of the three compartments. Just as easily you can change the position of compartments simply pulling them out and reinserted without any mechanical action on the structure. In the assembly sequence is provided for the insertion of spacers felt which, positioned between containers element, they avoid the contact and protect the wood. This protection allows high quality of life for each element.

Sizes: L 120×35 cm – H 115 cm