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Storage System
Stove System

The N1 Kitchen System is an outdoor portable kitchen designed to be used as a base camp in outdoor environments. The system comprises of three elements: the sink and prep area, the storage unit and the stove system. Focused by its context, the system uses interaction design to create useful interactions, providing undemanding experiences in difficult environments.

Proper nutrition and maintenance of portions can be a challenge in the outdoors. Designed within the kitchen’s prep area is a self-proportioning cutting board that visually divides the board’s surface, up to 6 times, and weighs each division for equal portions.

Inspired by x-rays, the storage system uses smart glass to visually reveal food quantities. As food is consumed the surface’s opacity changes.

The stove system gets rid of knobs that may break in the outdoors and uses the turning of the stove’s pot to change the temperature. As the pot turns and aligns with the different stove’s burners, it changes the temperature from boiling water to low, medium and high. The stove’s burner has a groove which the pot turns in to avoid being knocked around in the outdoors and to maintain efficiency.

The entire system folds and fits into a storage container for easy storage or transportation. While the system is designed for the outdoors it may also be used indoors, becoming especially useful in small apartments.