Nature’s Catalog have been announced as one of the winners for the Greenovation Gazebo Design Competition to be constructed for newly opened forest trail in Malaysia National Forest Park Taman Tugu.

The narrative of the Nature’s Catalog is to be sensitive to nature pluralities, yet directional to frame moments and metaphor surrounding the tropical setting; it is a place for trackers to rest, meditate, and extend its character as a gazebo into an observation tower amidst the tropical forest. The design also complementing the surrounding, the way in which people experience the gazebo is paramount.

Engulfed within the thick foliage, the gazebo stand as a geometry analogy to provoke interactions and contemplation through the articulation of massing and planes. With the brief calling for a 9 square meter gazebo, the proposal consist of 3 box frames which interlock vertically in creating multiple level platforms to adapt the sloping site condition topographically. The gazebo framing configuration is expressed in vertical manner allowing public enjoyment of the tropical canopy view which is otherwise inaccessible.