Nerd Barstool by David Geckeler for MUUTO

The nerd barstool is expanding muutos nerd family, the design is consistent following the aesthetic and functional expression of the previous nerd chair design from Designer David Geckeler. The danish simplicity and the iconic character are combined with an archetypical impression of a solid barstool. The expression of fine contoured, flattering plywood shells is well combined with sturdy standing legs.

A barstool has to accomplish even more functional aspects then a dining chair, this represented a new challenge towards the design process. Footrests at different heights, to setup the option to choose various sitting positions, was part of the demands on these new barstool design.

The nerd barstool invites its user to turn left and right, the smooth contours and shell bends enable several different orientations while sitting. A low backrest is supporting the back and is giving a pleasing comfort. A smart arrangement of the footrests, seduces the user to vary his leg positions during longer bar visits.
David Geckeler´s new nerd barstool for muuto, shows again a young, independent and timely interpretation of Scandinavian design – it will do well in small bars and hotel lobbies as well as in contemporary private kitchen interiors.


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Design: Dipl.Des. David Geckeler 2012