Collection New edition Terracota Lamp
Detail Lamp
Pieces new edition terracota Lamp
Terracota White and copper, bronce
Terracota white
Terracota Black aluminum and bronce
Process ceramic
Process metal polished
Process ceramic

The new edition terracotta lamp was born from experimentation together with chilean artisans who work with ancestral craftsmanship. in that meeting of personalities, the traditional technique reaches its limit with the new creation of a contemporary object.

This sophistication, aesthetics and function is captured by this new edition of luminaires, whose main objective is to create a play of light and shade with its irregular edges in order to illuminate different types of space. one can use the process of ceramic molds as a way to industrialize the design process, and conclude with different types of finishes such as gold, platinum, white and perfect black. one can also generate a contrast of materials in the upper base of the luminaire, with different types of polished metal such as aluminum, copper and bronze.