In its new life as a coat/hat/scarf/umbrella stand
Detail of the cast base
Where the tree section was found

I keep being asked about this piece of work, no it is not a piece of driftwood ! It is though, a found object if you like. I discovered this half dead small tree 100 metres from my home at the corner of a derelict row houses. It just cried out to be used for something, the shape and form of the small trunk and branches lend them selves perfectly to be a coat rack/hat stand.
Some of my work involves being quite experimental when understanding materials and processes which are new to me, at the time I was really interested in casting from moulds, and also using concrete, so this was perfect, an experimental one-off piece. The base is actually cast from concrete, with added recycled/pulped paper to the mix, I believe the correct name for this material is ‘Papercrete’. Its interesting stuff, with many possibilities. To add an extra challenge to the casting process, I decided to make the stem part of the piece removable from the base, this makes it easier when moving or transporting it.
I suppose its one of those objects where mother nature has done a lot of the work, and with a little help from me it now has another life, a different role as an object we can admire and use.