Four colors are listed. Blue, red, green and black. Photo by Yoichi Onoda
4.5cm thick, 18cm wide, 18cm hight, 960g, 350 pages. Photo by Yoichi Onoda
Each papers are detachable for share ideas. Photo by Yoichi Onoda
On the desktop, innumerable layered papers can be a personal archive of ideas. Photo by Yoichi Onoda

The bigger memo block is made by laminated paper material named as “Paper mille-feuille” created by Sanyoshigyo which is paper goods manufacture company.
Note Block is a big memo block. It’s also communication tool in the business scene or workshops. Bigger is more communicative, more information and more ideas.
It can be used on the personal desktop. As the gradated cover paper, heaping innumerable ideas.