Nuvem Rug
Nuvem detail
"Silver lining" highlighted by natural window light
Color variation

Nuvem (the Portuguese word for cloud), is a rug inspired in the idea of weightlessness, happiness and bliss associated to the idea of walking on clouds. This inspiration comes from the fact that it’s completely made of wool providing unparalleled comfort to bare feet, creating an ideal playing ground for any toddler.

By simply using too different heights of wool, the contours of the clouds become highlighted with a “silver lining” effect, created when natural light comes in the room. The complex contours of this carpet are only possible to create in the sort of handmade production available at Piodão Group’s facilities.

Available in custom colours. Pictures taken in Botaca Lounge. Dimensions 200x200cm

Produced by Piodão group ( http://piodaogroup.com/ )