Environment photo - obstacle course
Environment photo - chair
Environment photo - human ringtoss
O-Rings Product Photo

All kids learn through play, absorbing information through the senses. When they climb, build, and just have fun, they are learning about the world around them, and gain problem solving skills and interpersonal skills that we adults use in daily life. Combining our values in educational play, childhood development, universal design, and collaboration, with research conducted at a local school focusing on bringing together kids with and without special needs in an inclusive environment, we created the O-Rings.

The O-Rings are playthings for full-body, sensory exploration. They are a set of large, stackable rings that differ in size, weight, density, texture, and color. They can be used for building, hula hooping, human ringtoss, hopscotch, lounging, and more, to address texture stimulation, gross motor activities, scale distinction, and spatial reasoning. The O-Rings are toys for all types of open-ended play, from imaginative play to active play. All materials and manufacturing for the O-Rings are being sourced in the USA.

Designed by Increment Studios in Providence, RI, the O-Rings started out as a collaborative degree project between Cynthia Poon and Maeve Jopson at the Rhode Island School of Design. The co-founders are industrial designers, social innovators, and female founders who are dedicated to bringing inclusion to the toy market, for all kids regardless of ability, age, or gender.