The overview of OCD desk.
In order to create the system for organizing the stuffs on the desk, I designed a mark which looks like a crop icon in the Photoshop software. It functions to mark the specific area on the desk and helps the users to organize and categorize the items that they put on the desk. The marks are made by oak and brass in order to create coherence with the desk while the magnets are embedded on the backside of the mark.
Additionally, there are 322 holes under the table surface, and each of holes is embedded with a 35 mm iron stick. Therefore, it became a grid under the desk surface, and the magnetic marks provide the snap function on the desk in order to give a compulsive image when the users interact with the desk. This hidden trigger also gives the hint of OCD behavior.
The hidden mortises connect the legs and the desk surface, so that the joints are clean and neat.
The brass sticks function as strengthening the structure in order to make four legs concentrated.
The “bleed”(printing terms) detail in the corners gives a coherent clue of compulsive control in OCD behavior.

As I see it, through using objects on a daily basis, the function and emotion of the objects can evolve from their original shape, feature, usage and interface. The designer’s role in the future will deal more with tracing the way in which objects have evolved and optimizing the objects in order to let people express themselves through these mediums.

OCD means obsessive-compulsive disorder. In the 20th century, the psychologist would say it is a mental disorder. However, as you can see, this kind of personality or behavior occurs occasionally in our society nowadays. Therefore, I use this extreme personality as an evolutionary stimulus for evolving a working desk. OCD desk is based on this kind of psychological disorder. I believe this kind of extreme personality can act as a stimulus for increasing the pace of evolution. Eventually, this evolution will cause a kind of mass expression of self-characteristic from the user and will become a statement of individuality for the user as well.