ODOC is an ergonomic iPhone dock with a style worthy of holding the iPhone. Easily use the iPhone and its various capabilities, while simultaneously charging in the ODOC. The ODOC product and design concept is currently a project on Kickstarter.

Beautiful. ODOC features a simple, compact cylinder form, incorporating sleek and timeless design – with all materials and finishes complementing the iPhone’s distinct aesthetic qualities. Crafted from cast aluminum and NC-machined to precision tolerances, ODOC is assembled with inlaid glass and stainless steel hardware. The elastomeric foot prevents slippage while the o-ring gives the perfect grip for twisting the cylinder. The powder-coat finishes are available in high-gloss white, clear over bead-blasted aluminum, and matte black.

Functional. ODOC’s ball-bearing mechanism locks the cylinder in five different positions, so users are able to place the iPhone into the ODOC and easily twist to set the desired angle for viewing and using the phone’s touchscreen display. This function allows users to comfortably browse the Internet, Facetime, or simply type an email while the iPhone is charging. The weighted dock (about three pounds), allows for single-handed iPhone removal. The ODOC also holds and charges the iPhone with or without a case, and includes multiple backrests with varying thicknesses to adjust for the perfect fit.

Connected. ODOC features an Apple 30-pin connector to charge the iPhone, so no “special” 30-pin connector is needed. It also features a shielded line-level audio connector to output music to any sound system.

Compatible. ODOC supports all existing iPhones and iPods, with planned compatibility for the iPhone 5. The ODOC is designed with only four, easily accessible, M3 screws to swap out the printed circuit assembly for the smaller docking connector that the iPhone 5 is likely to have. The upgrade is easy, inexpensive and can be done with the M3 allen-wrench that ships with ODOC.