Board 1. Introducing the city and investigating the existing typologies
Board 2. Existing activities on the site and starting to design urban condition through site plan and elevation
Board 3. Axonometric views of Residential and Public zone with proposed interventions
Board 4. Interventions
Board 5. Interventions

University of Michigan Final Thesis Project Rising Above: Formalizing Life with Inundation.

The primary thesis of Rising Above is to naturalize the unconventional common perception of life during the flood through architectural formalization.
Rising Above is an acceptance of the flood as a form of human existence. It is focuses on enhancing the existing qualities of life in small Amazonian town of Careiro de Vaezea during the flood with architectural interventions. These interventions focus on augmenting the unconventional activities that the town residents have adopted to deal with flooding. Flooding is understood qualitatively, as a part of everyday life and an aspect of urbanity, not as a catastrophe. This new reading of the city punctuates and makes visible the un-natural natures adopted by the townspeople of Careiro de Varzea as a response to recurrent floods.