The wiew of the lounge, bar and dining area of the space (across the room)
The purple lounge area and open bar.  The counter is custom-made of round wooden poles and spray painted.
The bar counter
The wiew of the lounge, bar and dining area of the space
All of the three different colour sections. The gray-neutral zone in the middle
View from the lounge zone across to the orange side of the space - the sports activieties zone
The pool tables in the orange area.
The corner near the pool table - the relaxation zone. Armchair has the custom made / painted orange pegs.
The purple zone - a decorative circle in a different shade of violet painted on the wall.

The presented project was a low-budget and a short-deadline interior design project for the sports betting firm “Optibet” in Riga, Latvia. The main task was to plan and design a functional yet fun and relaxing open office space (for the staff of Optibet) for recreation and some sport activities (like pool, table tennis, darts etc.), including a place for staff banquets and all kinds of celebrations.
The concept lies in the functional planning of the open space strictly by using color. The purple part of the room is dedicated to the lounge and open bar area, while the orange side of the space collects all the sports activities. The gray in the middle divides the room and opens a neutral zone to display extendable dining tables.
The interesting thing about this design is the “movement” of the colour across the entire space – the division is marked my circular shapes on the carpet tiles as well as on the walls. It goes even further – the furniture, textiles and other fixtures are also color-coordinated. The gray ceiling serves as a calming element and harmonizes the orange and the purple.
The bar is the only piece of furniture designed and made specially for this project. All the other pieces are bought on a tight budget and customized using some simple DIY ideas. For example, theinside of the big, dark gray lamps are spray-painted in zone- coordinated colors. The same thing is being done to the legs of the furniture – the bottom part of legs of the chairs and tables are painted the same shade as the carpet in the zone.