Photo: Gábor Arion Kudász Make-up: Szilvi Ipacs Modell: Viktória Monhor

Twigs and flowers used to decorate sculptures and altars recalling Ikebanas, Japanese flower arrangements embrace the face as lightly as air. Thanks to the special process of starching the silk floss headdresses, hat shades and buckles curl like paper, almost floating around the face.
‘Each piece of the collection is different looking for harmony between man and nature in different ways – while carrying the thoughts of beauty, sadness and of reaching beyond reality at the same time.’ said Virág Ildikó Erdei, milliner, who has dreamt up Masamod.
In the upsweeps of the handcrafted headdress collection the ethereal weightlessness of silk and the swirl of emotions blend with flowers, leaves and petals symbolizing eternal femininity. They can be the perfect accessories for casual summer evenings.

Masamod aims to rethink the traditional millinery that is also proven by its 2012 Halo, 2013 Figurin and 2014 Levantine collections – the latter made its debut at the Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. Classically handcrafted models with vivid colours and unique forms characterize the brand. Three-dimensional shapes surrounding the ears or the head enables Masamod hats and headdresses to be a worthy alternative for designer clothes and jewels.
Masamod‘s designer, Virág Ildikó Erdei graduated as a milliner at the Kensington and Chelsea College in 2007 and since then she worked for renowned places like Siggi Hats and the Royal British hat maker known as Philip Somerville – both based in London. We could have come across hats with the upcoming designer’s signature at the Ascot Derby or the Peter Jones department store in London.