OVO Sauna – By Swedish designer Johan Kauppi


OVO Sauna is inspired by one of nature’s most complete forms. The design expresses the essence of sauna baths with its beautiful and natural shape, and it´s based on the experience of the traditional sauna ritual in north of Sweden. OVO Sauna is designed to not become just another functional box that stands in a corner. Instead it should be a central furniture piece that becomes the core and starting point for new spa landscapes.


OVO Sauna is designed to be combined creatively in one, two or more entities, depending of the situation and context. perhaps for different temperatures, male and female parts, various surface treatments, etc. a sauna environment is preferred to be designed with open and sensual character. OVO concept requires no internal walls or other boundaries need to be built. Instead, the products are those which naturally divides functional areas from each other.

The sauna is a ritual. A process in three parts between the cool relaxation room, the hot sauna bath and the washing ceremony. OVO´s unique design is based on the experience of the traditional sauna bath in north of Scandinavia. A sauna should be soft and sensual and is primarily a contemplative place for relaxation. also based on the ritual, we have given OVO two doors in opposite directions, where one leads to relaxation and the other to the showers. aside from the sauna’s glass doors, it lacks windows, in order to create a room with strong integrity and sense of form. OVO’s egg shaped layout is beautiful and also incredibly practical and effective. volume of the sauna is at least where it needs to be small, near the heat source. and it’s roomy where it needs to be there, in the social part where you sit in a semicircle. The circular benches will be a natural area with plenty of space.

Growing up in north Sweden close to the very harsh nature has formed me into a designer that always tries to bring out an authentic asceticism, where simplicity plays the key role in a sensible balance between form, innovation and expression. So simple and yet so severe, nature is a very genuine source of inspiration. I wish that the OVO collection will be something practical and creative for various contexts for a long time.