Ownzown – stealth cap for a public space?

How much privacy wants or has a human being to bear into public space?

Is the sense of lack of time the reason, or the technical achievements, that make many things possible at all? Is this development positive or not?

The dynamic change of society and a steadily increasing requirement of the availability of the individual allows people to exercise more and more private activities in public space. This results in a shifting of boundaries between privacy and public.

Young designers of the Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Design are aware of such issues and create with the product “ownzown” a stealth for public space. So they give the user a special type of retreat, where he or she can operate undisturbed in an urban environment.

The „ownzown“ is available in different versions – mobile or installed at objects in the urban space.

ownzown is a design performance in urban space and a research project: With newly developed stealth space, public, privacy and our position get changed in there.

But can there truly exist a private place in public? Or is this a paradox? Can this posing of question be solved with the use of physical elements or must the individual work on itself?