each individual module is a closed form without exposed wire
easy to assemble with a piece of elastic rope
two modules
changing form and lighting area
four modules
an aluminum unibody conducts electricity and completes the circuit through the connection between lamps
the low voltage of LED’s allows users to interact with the lamp while it is lit
the freedom to twist and turn the lamps creates different spatial relationships

P.Lamp’ is an easy to assemble modular pendant lamp without traditional exposed wires and completes the circuits just by the connection between lamps. The liberation of the wires make it possible of the variety lighting area.
?We need various lamps to meet the requirements in different places, such as a lamp for the work space, dinner table, bar counter, corners, etc… Apart from the place, different living conditions will also have different lighting requirements even in the same space, for example, one person’s work, a family’s dinner or lots of friends’ party.

P.Lamp’ is a modular pendant lamp to meet the needs of different lighting area thought the combination of modules. The length-width ratio of an individual module is 3:1. If there are two modules in a group, there will be a lighting area from 6:1 to 3:2. With four modules, there will be a lighting area from 12:1 to 4:3. It also allows people freely to change the lighting area though different combinations.

In realizing the variety of lighting area, P.Lamp’ has creatively developed the technology?the aluminum unibody of P.Lamp’ can conduct electricity instead of traditional exposed wires. So the circuits will be completed just through the connection between the lamps. This technology makes full use of the characteristic that LED’s luminous resource has low voltage and allows people free to touch the lamp even it is lighting. Based on this technology, P.Lamp’ is freely to change its form and the lighting area without the limitation of traditional wires. Furthermore, as a lamp it’s much more concise and beautiful without the exposed wires.

To meet different requirements, people can choose the number of module to satisfy the lighting requirements for the space of the individual, family, office and so on. The innovative structure design of P.Lamp’ provide not only the variety of changes, it is also rather easy to assemble. Users can finish the assembly with a piece of elastic rope instead of learning the complicate circuit instruction.