In the beginning my idea was based on a triangle as a geometric body. However, while doing my research about the history and methods of paper usage, folding and using paper as a material, I got to the idea of constructing and designing a product which is used on daily bases – the chair. First I was led by the shape of a triangle as a geometric body which provides transparency to the product. However, since I was not able to base myself on one type of triangle only, my idea went in another direction and it developed into the symbolism of that three-sided geometric body.
Symbolism of a triangle is compatible with a symbolism of number three. At old Mayas triangle represented the symbol of fertility. When the top of a triangle is turned upward it symbolizes fire and masculine, and when the top is turned downward it symbolizes water and femininity.
The chair is constructed of six different triangles and one square, which is positioned on the top of the chair, made of paper (carton). On that construction outer layers of carton are glued additionally, and this strengthens its stability and makes the chair functional. Parts of the chair are glued one with another.
Ecological criteria are satisfied since the product is made of recycled material, and because of that fact it is not dangerous for human health and environment.