Temporary Outdoor Furniture.

Parks provide a contrast to the fast changing life inside the city. Sought by individuals from every age it creates a melting pot and meeting place for every citizen.

Restricted by results of public wear most outside furniture are set out to withstand heavy use. Simultaneously most parks follow a very strict guideline in terms of usage to provide an attractive image to everybody.

PARASIGHT is a set of outdoor furniture which plays with the visual setup of parks. With the advantage of quick setting up and removing they provide new ways to change public space.

PARASIGHT can only exist within nature. Mounted on a tree it brings one closer to nature creating a symbiosis between space and user. Installed for a limited time it seeks the excitement of the citizen to find and use created space. Changing the layout of green areas around the city can be use as stimulation as well as a way of regulating behavior.

PARASIGHT brings a dynamic attribute to the settled face of public parks.