Hello Mocoloco,

After Fruit Ninja Homewares I would love to share with you our last project commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria:
The design of the major Kids Space in the Gallery, PASTELLO -Draw Act .

A ten weeks Exhibition/Playground/Installation.

Have you ever touched a 9kg crayon sphere? And… drawn with your feet or marked a wall just by moving your head…?

The name ‘Pastello’ derives from the Italian word for pastel or crayon – the principal material we embraced for this project.
Crayons are made of wax that can be melted and moulded!

The objective of the space is to ask children to break out of their comfort zone and to become active protagonists in the physical act of drawing.
Children will be prompted to draw in odd and quirky ways; through sport, performance and random bodily expression, using melted oil pastels as re-imagined drawing contraptions.

We would love to know your opinion about the project and if there is the chance to be featured in MocoLoco.
We would be more than happy to provide you with beautiful photos, to share with you the story of the project and the design process involved in Pastello.

Here attached you will find just a few photos. All the little shapes, the protuberances and the colours you see… are crayons!

Look forward to hearing from you,
Thank you for your time.

Erika Zorzi