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Pazzo is a product manufactured with, aluminum, a recyclable material, and bamboo, in a sustainable way. The key message is to inspire and stimulate the responsible consumption and, at the same time, provide fun and amusement to the user. The suggested doses help to establish a quantitative parameter so that the user is able to prepare a meal without wastage.

It is important to mention that Pazzo’s production was optimized in order to allow a better utilization of materials, reducing discards and energy consumption. Due to the simplicity of its production process, it is feasible to match production with market demand. That being said, I can proudly say that Pazzo is a low environmental impact product that is light and functional and, at the same time, does not require expensive logistics.

The product is a pioneer in the market and its three main characteristics are: innovation, originality and humor. All these factors contribute to make the cooking tasks more playful. Moreover, this kitchen utensil has magnets in the back so that when it is not being used, it becomes a decorative refrigerator door magnet.