Pebble 19x11
Pebble 19x11 Detail
Pebble 19x11 Top
Pebble 15x12 Top
Pebble 15x12 Pers
Pebble 9x7 props
Pebble 9x7 Top

Bio: This is Chifen. I am an industrial designer based in Montreal, Canada. Designlump was founded in 2012 to set my curiosity free and to aspire for a simple and honest lifestyle. The studio has a free and experimental design approach, with the goal of creating long-lasting designs, which has earned me the Best Prototype Award at the IDS 2014 (Canada’s largest Interior Design Show). Below is my new collection and hope you’ll like it.

Description of object: What initially began as a project to design door handles in Grasshopper, the shapes of the Pebble collection were inspired by the designer’s curiosity and explorations using this software. From spending days seeing how so many different shapes and patterns could be algorithmically created, her fascination and curiosity deepened for, which naturally led her into starting her own endeavor. Each shape is created from precise calculations that the software automatically predetermines, but also from the designer’s creative approach and manipulations through a visual lens. This collection consists of 7 uniquely shaped boards: 5 large platters, each including a porcelain dish, and 2 small platters, each including a porcelain cup. Each board is made from hard maple and finished with mineral oil. The natural grain of the wood on the surface of each board is complemented with a smooth, glossy finish of the porcelain cup/dish. The color/tone varies from board to board and is a result of the natural material. Each board has a curved edge that is made to fit one’s hand comfortably. Whether used for a feast or a snack, this collection possesses a timeless quality of form and function made perfect for any home.