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“a round peg for a round hole”
Peg is an intelligent, sophisticated yet simple collection of flat pack furniture. This range of tool-less, flat pack furniture, consists of a stool, a bench, a coffee table, a desk and a dining table (available in two sizes).
Peg family:
Stool: “the baby of the Peg family”
Bench: “the bench that brings people closer together”
Coffee Table: “a keystone in any interior”
Desk: “the desk for work, rest & play”
Dining Table: “the big table were big things happen”

Reinventing the idea of flat pack, the innovation of “peg” is within its corners. Each corner of every “peg” is conical in shape, therefore, assemble simply requires the insertion of the legs into the conical corners and that’s it! This precise fit between the legs and the top combines to forms the structural integrity of the whole piece, resulting in the simplest flat pack experience you will ever have.

Designed and manufactured completely within Britain. The simplicity of Peg combines the great heritage of British engineering ingenuity with current digital manufacturing technologies. Utilising the skills of Britain’s finest craftsmen, Peg combines elite materials, from aerospace aluminium, to premium selected hardwoods, to create a simple and elegant contemporary collection.

Peg range is available for in six colours; black, white, red, yellow, green and blue.
Each colour is available in a sophisticated matte or glamorous gloss finish.
The legs are available in three premium selected hardwoods; hard maple, white oak and black walnut.