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Petra and Tegola are two table lamps designed by Studio Klass – Marco Maturo & Alessio Roscini for Pimar Design Collection, recently unveiled during milan design week.
the lamps are designed to be produced entirely in limestone, both composed in two parts to simplify the manufacturing process.

“Petra is a table lamp inspired by the famous monument in Jordan, entirely dug and carved into the rock; the leccese stone, a material with great tradition in the architectural world, becomes the protagonist of a sculptural but also functional object, which enhances the properties and the different opportunity of industrial manufacturing.
The lamp is composed of two parts, a main body with the light source and an upper body which shields light by directing on both sides of the lamp: the two parts are entirely made from a single block of stone, avoiding any type of waste .
Tegola is a reflecting light lamp designed for desk or bedside; it is composed by two milled parts, the body and the shade, which easily fix together and at the same time simplify the production process. The upper part of the lamp reflect and directs the light on the floor, creating ideal situations for the study or for a reading in the evening.”