Piggy bank self-counts a euro
Filled with cents, the copper tray lowers
When it reached the same level as the ceramic container, the content value is about a euro
Enough to buy a baguette or a coffee
Piggy bank mechanism
3D-printed and paper models
3D-printed and paper models

This object, halfway between a pin-tray and a piggy bank, self-counts money. It stores and measures coins of 1, 2 and 5 cents rarely used and tells the user when the content value reached one euro. A copper tray fills up and lowers as the user empties coins from his pockets or purse. When the copper tray reach the level of the ceramic container, the coins’ value is about a euro – enough to buy a stamp, a coffee or a baguette. Technically, a weight is placed under the copper tray, as the coins are stacking, the weights level themselves.