Pigreco collection
Pigreco Statuario marble and cedar wood
Pigreco Versylis  marble and cedar wood
Pigreco front view
number off slab off-cuts of diffrent thicknesses     Calacatta-Arabescato-Statuario-Green Borgogna
number off slab off-cuts of diffrent thicknesses     Calacatta-Arabescato-Statuario-Red francia
Front view
side view
manufacturing process
manufacturing process

Materials Intersections by Francesco Meda

Pigreco collection:
Pigreco is an object designed by Francesco Meda inside the exhibition “Abitare Oggi”, focused on the use of marble and wood. The show, hosted in the Triennale Design Museum of Milan the with the participation of architects and designers Alberto Meda, Baldessarri and Baldessarri, Lorenzo Damiani, Michael Anastassiades was promoted by company Luce Di Carrara – Henraux.
Luce Di Carrara established in 2000, using the strong industrial experience of Henraux, displaied its first collection of bath design products in collaboration with RIVA 1920.
Pigreco, wood and marble version, is an object with a primitive, almost elementary form that comes from afar.
It can be a stool, a simple support or even just a sculptural element.
Marble and wood interact with a natural armony: the marble lends solidity, while the wooden surface gives a feeling of warmth and lightness.
Pigreco, marble version, is composed of a number of marble waste plates which differ in thicknesses. The effect is not that of a single block of stone as the juxtaposition of materials with different colours and sizes is clearly visible.

Dimensions: 42x42x20 cm