Pikkpack DIY Leather Footwear
Made of 100% high quality leather
Durability and light weight
Designed for both men and women
Minimalistic design with an edge
Pikkpack invites you to have some fun assembling your own shoes with coloured cotton laces of your choice

Pikkpack is an easy style DIY shoe made of high quality 100% leather upper and sole. The shoes are cut from only one piece of leather and the soles are sewn by hand. Pikkpack can be assembled by the customer with different colored cotton laces.

Sara and her team are currently doing a Kickstarter campaign to gain more exposure for Pikkpack and the philosophy behind it. You can check out the project here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/330336128/pikkpack-diy-leather-footwear

Sara Gulyas is a Hungarian designer with over 10 years of experience in leather design. Her designs have been featured in galleries all over Europe including Paris, Prague, Leipzig and Budapest. After experimenting with footwear for a long time, she wanted to create a shoe with the minimal amount of material that would make the wearer part of the shoe making process.

Pikkpack Shoes started as an university project with the inspiration coming from an old Hungarian shoe called bocskor (pronounced: “BOTCH-core” ). The result was a a DIY shoe named Pikkpack (a Hungarian play on words meaning “piece of cake”). While on vacation in San Francisco, Sara wore the very first pair of Pikkpack shoes. As she was exploring the city, stranger after stranger stopped her to ask where she had bought her stylish footwear. After attracting countless admirers, she decided she needed to share her design with the world.

PIKKPACK starts out as a flat piece of premium quality leather then the wearer can quickly transform it into a 3D piece of clothing by assembling the shoe with a contrasting cotton lace. By shipping these lightweight flat-packed shoes in small packages, the shoes not only encourage participation in the manufacturing process, but also conserve materials and decrease shipping costs. PIKKPACK is designed for both men and women and since it’s made of lightweight leather, it’s breathable and warm at the same time – suitable for nearly every occasion.

For more information, visit: http://www.pikkpack.com/