Vintage stamp map
Grunge map
Political map

Have you ever had that moment when, laying down on your couch, your mind starts wandering back to a particular street full of colours, a peculiar taste or a perturbing scent from one of your vacation?

Well, we had!

We are four friends with common passions and interests. We decided to realize a project combining the passion for travel and the love for the design.

We design unique pinnable maps. That’s what we do.

Our customers are travel-enthusiast, design-chaser and whoever wants to have something different in their home. Serial travelers want to know, at a glance, where they have been, so what if a pinned map with a stunning design is hung up on their living room wall.
Our idea may appear simple and basic, yet it’s simplicity represents its strength. There are a lot of nice maps out in the market, but none is combining pins and a state-of-the-art design. Pinnable maps are usually “easy-to-use”, but they can’t really go next to a wonderful couch or a luxury dining table
We’d really love to engage our customer with our way of enjoy the pleasure of the travel and the pleasure of being home. We want them to be part of the fourtrippers family, so that we won’t be only “four” trippers anymore.

The Fourtrippers