Play space at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, Hollywood, Fla.

Children’s anxiety in medical settings can be reduced through play, a concept that children’s hospitals have embraced. Creative Arts Unlimited recently completed a unique play space for Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. Interactive games were incorporated throughout the space, such as the large, touch screen game featuring custom graphics designed exclusively for the hospital and rotating graphic columns and puzzles.

Photos: http://www.creativeartsinc.com/projects/joe-dimaggio-childrens-hospital/

For nearly 20 years, Creative Arts Unlimited, Inc. has designed, produced, and installed specialty environments for clients such as the Mayo Clinic, Disney, Nestlè, Hilton, and Toys ‘R Us as well as numerous schools, hospitals, libraries, and museums across the nation. Our A.I.A. and A.W.I. award winning facility contains the talent and equipment to articulate our clients’ identities through engaging environments. Creative Arts’ design team includes graphic designers, illustrators, an industrial designer, and an architectural designer with LEED accreditation.