Each plate is produced from a sheet of aluminum, hollowed out in single mechanical operation using a CNC milling machine. It is 10 mm thick and ranges in size from 81 to 211.5 mm, with a depression on the front that allows the insert sheets of metal created by the master craftsmen of De Castelli.
Available for standard switchboxes (502, 503E, 504E e 506L); allows the use of round or square NA buttons for low tension systems, with space for 4, 6, 8 or 14 buttons per plate and devices of standard derivation.
De Castelli skillfully combines design, art and craftsmanship, with a particular focus on the choice of materials and technique. The distinguishing feature of the brand is the extremely high quality of workmanship, apparent in the attention to details, finishes and decoration.
Passion for materials is the signature trait of De Castelli, which focuses not only on increasingly sophisticated production techniques, but above all on the tireless quest to capture the essence of iron and its derivates. The materials reveal unexpected results, giving life to a multiplicity of variants that constitute the uniqueness of each product. The SKIN De Castelli collection makes it possible to use all the materials from the De Castelli catalogue.