Aligning with some of William Lee’s previous designs, POSER is a geometrical lighting piece that
will attract any minimalist at heart. It gently interacts with the wall and relies on its interior space to function and stand. Fabricated from metal, the lamp leans at 25 degrees for a stable pose against
the wall. The lamp shade pivots and is designed for left + right orientation of the foot base. This
feature was designed in consideration of placement.

The idea of POSER brings the relationship of furniture with its surroundings a step closer, integrating rather than the traditional stand alone piece. Its a perfect blend of ingenuity and practicality which is displayed throughout Lee’s work.

It will be at Wanted Design NYC in the VOOS booth. It will be showing during New York Design
Week along with Lee’s popular CONFORM chair from May 18 – 21.

More info at www.idstrength.com + www.wanteddesignnyc.com

Note: POSER has not been published yet.