Prairie pan

Cooking on a campfire is one tough outdoor activity. Grilled sausages, Roasted Peppers or a cup of soup tastes even better warmed-up outside. With the Prairie pan it is easy. You use Coal of course, that tastes the best.

The roster in the bottom of the pan does not block the heat. Your meat cooks beautiful brown and your soup can stands firmly on the fire. With the leather wrapped carry handle you can move the pan and lay the sausages easy on your plate.

The Prairie pan fits exactly on the Prairie campfire. You can also use the Prairie pan on a campfire made of rocks. The pan is made of STAINLESS STEEL which can take a beating.

After use you can remove the lather handle and put the Prairie pan in the dishwasher.

The Prairie BBQ consists of the Prairie campfire and Prairie pan. Both are also available separately.