We would like to share with you our product manufacturing on demand company.
We are a digital fabrication laboratory to material designs without minimum unit order.
We offer cnc milling, laser and water cutting and 3D printing services.
Here is our press release:
Crear Lab offers the possibility to materialize a digital design into a functional physical object using differents manufacturing techniques like cnc milling, laser or water cutting, 3D printing…and materials like plastic, wood, metals…without having to order minimum units.
The steps to follow are easy: the user sends a sketch or plan and from here on, different materials, manufacturing processes, finishes (lacquers, varnishes…) and or/complements (screws, hinges…) are analized and selected to obtain an adaptation of the functional design so that Crear Lab can manufacture it.
It’s worth mentioning that Crear Lab manufactures the products, so the end result is guaranteed. Designs can be materialized without minimum order so retouching, prototyping, making samples, limited series or even industrial production is a very easy process.
Also, to close the process of production of the design, Crear Lab also offers the possibility of creating the packaging and any kind of advertising communication associated to the product.
Crear Lab gives the product designer a full, guaranteed and discreet service to easily obtain the materialization of the design without having to waste time searching or testing materials and/or manufacturing techniques.

For more information:
T. +34 00 93 812 69 64
E. info@crearlab.com
W. www.crearlab.com