Complete Qudrat Series ( shown here with leather and polished brass surface on top of wood plate)
Quadrat Cube  as a sculptural object
Open corners of the Quadrat Cube
Quadrat Series composite
Quadrat Cuboid as side table
Quadrat Cube as stool
Chamfered edge of wood plate at corner
Carved underside of wood plate

The Quadrat Series is a new line of tables and stools by the design duo PELLE. Its distinctive design is in the lightweight yet strong wood construction of its open grid geometry. The Quadrat Cube can act as a stool or an accent table. Similarly, the slightly larger Quadrat Cuboid can either be used as a coffee table or as a taller end table when flipped on its side.

The name “Quadrat” comes from the German word for ‘square’, the formal building block of the lattice structure. The design highlights the simple and elegant form of the grid as a three-dimensional object that can fit into any room setting, whether traditional or modern. The open corners and edges strengthen the visual lightness of the pieces. The slightly off-center position of the solid wood top plates orient the Quadrats and lend a sense of direction within the room setting. To remain visually separate, the plates are held back from the edges of the grid structure. Chamfered and carved on the underside with the grid geometry, the sculptural wood plates serve as either seat or table top. A variety of applied surfaces can be added to the wood plates – from soft cushioned leather to mirror-polished brass and to brightly colored acrylic glass.

The Quadrats are currently available in two different sizes. The Quadrat Cube is 16.5”x16.5” with a solid wood plate of 12.5” x 12.5”. The slightly larger Quadrat Cuboid is 16.5”x 20.25” with a wood plate of 12.5”x15.5”. The Quadrats are available in white oak, walnut, and reclaimed pine with a clear satin-matt hardwax oil.