Letaher bag
Leather bag close-up
Black ash / stainless steel edition - Folded
Black ash  / stainless steel edition - Unfodled
Emerald green maple / brass edition - Folded
Emerald green maple / brass edition - Close-up locking mechanism
Emerald green maple / brass edition - Unfolded
American walnut edition - Folded
American walnut edition - Unfolded
American walnut edition - Powered on


R-Kaid-R (Arcader) is a manifest and a tribute to arcade halls of the 80’s/90’s. A hybrid made from solid wood, combining yesterday’s game physics with the digital spectrum of today. A handmade exclusive toy for the dedicated gamer, a creative link between the present and the past and a game jewel to possess. When not in use, the console is folded into a protective vessel, surrounded with elements of mystique and curiosity. A processed gemstone is sparkling inside, waiting to be revealed.
The specs will give you ~8 hrs of gaming per charge and the hardware will emulate and support up to fifth-generation game systems. Using SD cards for storage, there’s no limits when creating your own personal game library. Protected by a tailored shoulder bag made from leather, R-Kaid-R is undoubtedly the absolute arcade machine for the road. This handcrafted machine comes in different material/color concepts, inspired by material values from historic and cultural perspectives.

“With the R-Kaid-R, I want to breathe new life into a fading culture and create curiosity towards the origin of video gaming. I want to force gaming into a new context and make the arcade an equivalent next to the oil painting on your wall.”

Website with more info and pics: http://www.lovehulten.com/rkaidr.html

Hi-res pictures can be downloaded from http://www.lovehulten.com/pressgallery.html

Info about Love Hultén:

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Love Hultén and his wood oriented studio, combines a small-scale-local-culture love with utmost professional and beautiful craftsmanship. Hultén is an innovator fusing advanced technology with traditional artisan knowledge, creating a unique symbiosis between function and aesthetics.

Love Hultén’s works ranges from unique concept computers and arcade gaming gemstones in solid wood, to modular lamps made from bees wax. With originality and innovative visions, Hulténs animated designs are reactions to a world of throwaway excess and economic efficiency gone awry.
His melancholic intention is to present something different, a personal story with character, playfulness and mystique.

By working with materials that, without regular maintenance and daily care, grows a unique patina, the longevity of Hultén’s products are extended. The products breathes through time, rather than get suffocated by it. Hultén specializes in making unique exclusive objects, often customizable to
offer a genuine personal experience. He carefully selects the finest natural materials to provide strong and lasting products. Hultén does all the wood/metal processing himself, and the products are polished and assembled in Gothenburg.