This is two chairs done in concrete…The first, which is called “Raakogt”, it´s Danish and stands for “Rawsteved”: This chair is molded as a monocoque construction in glassfiber reinforced concrete. Thanks to this construction technique the total chair, despite the material used, weighs only astonishing 65 kilos. The chair is molded upside down thanks to a special technique which is called; “Pistolmolding”. A “pistol” with two nozzles sprays concrete and glassfibers approx. 2 cm. lenght and the wall thickness is between 12-16 mm. The cushions is done of vegetable tanned leather and it stands on feets molded in transparent rubber in a medium shore. The chair exists currently in 7 examples and there are plans for a limited production.

The idea behind the design is to bring in the heavy industri as a piece of functional interior. I wanted to create a piece of furniture which explores the interaction between the raw and the soft materials hence the name “Rawsteved”.

The other chair is a prototype for another fiberglass reinforced chair. This prototype is however done in massive concrete blended with glassfibers to study the texture of the material. The chair rests on heavy duty flat plated raw steel legs. The total weight of the chair is 65 kilos.

This chair was also done as a study in concrete and as a study in geometric “issues”.

So, this is it…Sorry for the poor pictures, I have somewhere some pro photos, I just don´t know where I´ve hidden them…

Best regards/Jon