"Rak" Chair - set of chairs and tables for outside (leisure activities)
"Rak" Chair - sequence of use
"Rak" Chair - table positions
"Rak" Chair - chair positions
"Rak" Chair - other contexts
"Rak" Chair - detail sketches

Simplicity is synonymous with luxury, “Rak” is a set of chairs and tables designed for leisure activities either individual, group, family, or couple for the romantic developed in a context outside like garden, pool, beach, parks and so on. Where the main objective is to take advantage of and preserve the natural surfaces (grass, sand, floor, etc..) as structure of the object, making the chair has no seat or legs due to a system called “Root” is a piece that operates under the same principles of a hook to tent giving the structure and stability to the chair and table, there are several positions of both the chair and the table to comfortably perform various activities such as eating, drinking, using your laptop, listening to music , parties, reading, relaxing, etc..