Modern Reclaimed Wood and Burlap Coffee Sack Bench
Modern Reclaimed Wood and Coffee Sack Bench
Modern Reclaimed Wood and Coffee Sack Bench Sideview

Atlas Burlap Bench (Atlas Collection)

•48”L x 12”W x 18”H
•2” thick Hypoallergenic ultra-dense foam
•Industrial burlap coffee sack
•13” raw steel Hairpin legs (1/4” steel)

Deep within Guatemala, Brazil, and Ecuador coffee farmers cart around 50lb bags of coffee beans ready to export. Atlas Wood Co. has now adopted these discarded bags and reclaimed then to create our Atlas Burlap Bench. Set on 13” steel Hairpin legs the Atlas’ base is carefully created from reclaimed snow fence. We wrapped a native burlap coffee sack around a plump 2” thick commercial grade Hypoallergenic foam core for a comfortable feel that is built to last. The Atlas Burlap Bench comes in 3 to 6 foot sectionals, each custom made to your liking. Our 13” legs are the best fit ergonomically but any height can be fabricated to suit your unique specifications.