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Conceptual design for furniture made out of waste. Re:composed focuses on using the waste that is considered to be useless, as a base material for premium and luxurious interior products. New value is created by recomposing waste into desirable objects. Re:composed.

Expample: annually, 220.000 cars are scrapped in the Netherlands, resulting in 210 kilotons of waste. 180 kilotons are recycled, but the remaining 30 kilotons are dumped. We reuse this source, combining it with sustainable bio-resin to create beautiful interior pieces.

Re:composed: Recycled-Composite-Composition

All products in Re:composed are built in two layers, where the inner layer shows the base material: waste, the core of the product:

1. Car waste: residual flow (foam, upholstery, metal, sand)
2. Shredded clothing (e.g. obsolete uniforms)
3. Agricultural waste (e.g. tomato plants)

Each type of waste gives its own unique character to the product, all in beautiful
desaturated tones with their own fibers, speckles, grain, texture. The skin of the
product is a second layer of waste composite, t