BONNSU is a lifestyle brand founded by Swedish designer Adam Bonnier and Taiwanese designer Ai Su Bonnier; Since 2010, we start to provide design services to several well-known brands & restaurants in Taiwan & Shanghai. In 2013 we created our own brand BONNSU, We bring our life experiences from love of music, food, home arrangements, parties, and babies into our products. We aim to set a unique point of view to the next life products to our generations. Our target market is for customers ranging 20-45 that loves premium home décor with modern decorative touch and Eco-conscious. We are new with fresh thoughts and tough of design. BONNSU is all about a pleasant lifestyle.

Product Story

Taj is a tealight candleholder inspired by decorative patterns and shapes found in mosques, bringing warmth and elegance to all occasions from soothing baths to romantic dinners.
All parts and materials are easily separated for recycling and disposal.

The Reflections family is a collection of household products inspired by city landscapes and beautiful reflections of architecture on water. We studied traditional forms and symbols from both Eastern and Western cultures, creating graphic patterns to represent both worlds. Each object is related to a building or place we found particularly interesting and together the product family creates a miniature architectural landscape in your home. The materials we use in this collection are either ecological such as biodegradable starch plastic or easy to disassemble for recycling after the product life has ended.

Product Details
Materials/ Ceramic, Steel and Ecopoly
Dimension/ 8cm tall, 7.5 cm diameter

Retail price 48 USD

Designed and produced by BONNSU
Made in Taiwan