Ringtool is the first product by Reductivist, a Brooklyn-based company that makes “products designed according to principals of functionalism. A super compact
alternative to lugging around a full size tool kit, Ringtool lives on any
standard keyring, always on-hand for minor repairs or in the event of an
Not only is it portable, Ringtool is nearly indestructible. The carefully
selected grade of hardened stainless steel is a favorite among trusted
multi-tool brands for its perfect combination of strength, corrosion
resistance, and quality finish. This is backed up by a lifetime warranty on
all Reductivist tools. With eleven unique features, Ringtool offers quick
fixes at your fingertips for a host of daily challenges including one of its
most popular functions- the bottle cap opener. Using the tool is simple; grip
it firmly between the thumb and index finger and rotate, as if turning a door
key. Its minimal size (2” diameter), virtual weightlessness (approx 1 oz),
and ease of use make it one of the best tools on the market for the active
lifestyle user.