rvnDSGN RD.01 Stainless Steel/White/Black
rvnDSGN RD.01 Matte Bronze/Grey/Black
rvnDSGN RD.01 Gold/White/White
rvnDSGN RD.01 Gold/Black/Black
rvnDSGN RD.01 Gold/White/White
rvnDSGN RD.01 Stainless Steel/Black/Black
rvnDSGN RD.01 All White
rvnDSGN RD.01 All Black

We recently finished the design of our first line of watches. Our entire line of watches is completely rapid prototyped. We were successful in our kickstarter campaign, raising almost double our goal of $2000. Even though we had a small goal, the nature of the project means we dont need a huge initial investment. Since the cases for the watch are RP’d, we dont need to invest in molds or machining time, we don’t need to order 10000 pieces in order to be economically viable, and we can offer customization options that would otherwise be impossible. not only that, but our process doesn’t involve anything environmentally unfriendly. We have no material waste, no harsh finishes, and our boxes are made from scrap solid hardwood that would otherwise end up in the landfill or burned.

Our watches are hand assembled in Michigan. We are striving to offer a timepiece that is unique, economically accessible, and starts a dialogue. We dont stock any parts, every watch is hand made for the purchaser. It might take a little longer than a huge stock and machines doing the work, but we think the customer will appreciate the handcrafted quality and know that the extra time to delivery is to provide the best possible product as well as one made specifically for them.