“The cyclicality of all life, matter, and existence” – ancient Hindu and Buddhist teaching.

synergy: The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

The kinetic installation’s 252 white triangles are driven by a singular energy force, the rotating black disc in the center. Three sliders running in the three intersecting rings of the disc transmit the circular movement of the energy source. The energy is then passed on from triangle to triangle – resulting in a mesmerizing choreography of all the parts.

Throughout human history, many cultures have told the story about the interconnectedness of all there is. Recent findings of quantum entanglement or mirror neurons hint at a scientific explanation for immaterial dynamics such as synergy and synchronicity. Similarly, each part in samsara is connected according to its purpose, and each part behaves in accordance with its synergistic whole. A system unpredictable through observation of its individual parts and a system in which, even a small input of energy can evoke big changes. This physical representation of the concept “everything is connected to everything” allows for an intuitive understanding of oneness and that nothing exists without the things around it.

RLON is a Berlin based contemporary design studio that explores how converging concepts from ancient wisdom and modern science can be experienced. Tangibly. Intuitively. The mechanical principle of samsara can be scaled to any size and adapted to other materials, patterns and movements. Contact studio RLON through their website if you you are curious how this could look at your space.