Who does not know – old felt slippers.

The aim was to create from the beginning a more environmentally friendly slipper which is cheap to produce on the one hand from one piece, does not cause sweaty feet and creative self-service calls.

What emerges is, Schlapp alla Papp – the Schlapp of cardboard!

The shoe is enclosed by a practically handy package, and can be quickly cut out and folded as required.
Fun and creative self-performance guaranteed.
It has thus in a short time a slipper made of cardboard and can use it as a slipper for himself and his visitors.
The trick, the corrugated board is one hand hot the other hand, damping, and thus provides for cardboard an unusually pleasant wearing comfort – made for big strong men and delicate, gentle woman feet.

An advantage of the cardboard sheet is the almost limitless design character with all the colors, thanks to modern printing technology (screen / flexo) – this it is the advertising medium par excellence.

The Mother Nature takes it one not even take offense when this simply lets because it was made from environmentally friendly cardboard and is 100% recyclable. Which shoe can claim to be something tonne for the Green.

Look forward to your next visit, then it’s nothing like PRESS – FOLD – GO!