We’re excited to share our latest work, Seed and Signal : a kinetic sculpture that explores how tiny changes in behavior can alter the balance of the group between order and chaos.

We studied group behavior patterns found in nature, from starling murmuration, to variations of algal blooms, bee foraging patterns, and cell migration, and created an evolving display of natural group growth, death, success, and chaos. Following rules modeled on the study of these group dynamics, Seed and Signal illustrates the fragile equilibrium created when individuals with a common goal gather together. Sometimes success spreads gracefully, sometimes information fails to transfer, and other times chaos takes over.

Our work is rooted in the physicality of sculptural elements and natural patterns, rather than inhabiting a digital space, providing a unique example of how these fields will continue to inform and inspire each other. We feel this approach would nicely complement content such as Jean-Baptiste Durand’s Lampes, Suns and we+’s Blur, and appeal to your reader’s diverse and imaginative interests.

The Technical Details:

The Color shift effect in this sculpture was created using custom fabricated lenticular surfaces, with one face painted glossy copper and the other painted gray. Behind each of the 200 pairs of wings, a stepper motor drives an acme screw mechanism to animate the wings into position. A custom openFrameworks application creates Seed and Signal’s generative animations following mathematical models of natural processes. We vary the conditions of data spread ever so slightly, mimicking the natural mutations in evolutionary processes, to create an ever changing movement sequence.

About The Team:

Hypersonic is a New York City based design studio. We blend art, design, engineering, and architecture to create groundbreaking new media sculptures. Our core team has a diverse background covering the arts and sculpture, industrial design, creative technology, and engineering. We work collaboratively on each project, using our unique skill sets to push each other to develop innovative sculptures that capture the imagination.